In 2014 Pukka Films Ltd produced the BAFTA/BIFA award winning movie Kajaki: The True Story (released in the US as Kilo Two Bravo). The film depicts accurately a series of events that occurred in Afghanistan in 2006 when a British Army patrol inadvertently entered an unmarked minefield. Kajaki gained international critical acclaim for the extreme realism of the minefield incident and, in particular, for the harrowing depiction of the multiple traumatic injuries sustained by the troops involved.


The film has proved hugely popular with  military with many units screening the film as part of combat familiarisation and pre-deployment training. It has been cited as being the most realistic portrayal of armed forces in action and provides insight into how soldiers respond under extreme pressure, coping with threat and multiple catastrophic injuries and the degrading impact such injuries had on combat effectiveness. However, this informal training is often unstructured and so fails to draw out all the lessons that could be learnt.

These lessons are also equally as important within the Corporate world and have many parallels with situations and strategic decisions that need to be made by Senior Management that could result in a major impact on the business.

The CLUES Training Package has been structured around a series of high-resolution video clips taken from Kajaki. The background and mission briefings, the build up to the series of mine-strikes, the decision-making process and its consequence are explored in a series of modules in which the students role-play and relive the incident in graphic detail.